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Work Groups

The People's Agenda is made up of a collection of Work groups. The work groups are for those committed to 2 or more hours of work on TPA efforts weekly. Our current work groups are: 

  • Champaign

  • Urbana
  • County
  • Research
  • Support
  • IL-13

Contact us at volunteer@thepeoplesagenda.com with questions, or to learn about other volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in helping to plan the next People’s Agenda meeting, please contact us at info@thepeoplesagenda.com - we would be happy to have the help.

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Help us ensure voters make it to the polls this November! We have a comprehensive plan to go precinct by precinct in Champaign County educating and registering voters.
Voter Registration
I can help with voter registration! Registering voters will be key for flipping local seats, so we’ll be doing a lot of it! You can help in a number of ways. We will provide training for everyone who signs up to register voters.
Media Campaign
I can help keep progressive issues in the local news! It is critical that we consistently spread our message via media outlets across the district. You can help with writing, researching, or other tasks.
Involving communities outside of CU is important to the TPA’s mission. You can help by taking the lead in a particular area or by sharing names of contacts you know in other towns.
Coordinating Events
I can help with events! I can help with events! The TPA hosts meetings and events throughout the year. We can use your help to make these events a success.
Researching Our Representatives
I can help research! We're represented by many elected officials, not just our members of the US Congress. The TPA wants to inform voters about our local representatives (city council, county board, etc.) and open seats.
General Interests
Understanding your skills and preferences will help us target our volunteer requests. Tell us about your skills and the types of activities you prefer.
Other Interests