Meet the Candidates

13th Congressional Race

Betsy Dirksen Londrigan


15th Congressional Race

Kevin Gaither


Governor & Lt Governor

JB Pritzker & State Representative Juliana Stratton

Attorney General

State Senator Kwame Raoul

Secretary of State

Jesse White


Susana Mendoza


Mike Frerichs


State Representative, 101st District

Jennifer McMillin


State Representative, 103rd District

Carol Ammons


State Representative, 104th District

Cynthia E. Cunningham


Champaign County



George Danos


Dustin Heuerman


Laurel Lunt Prussing

County Clerk

Aaron Ammons

County Executive

Darlene Kloeppel


County Board District 1

Ben Chapman


County Board District 5

Leah Taylor

County Board District 6

Mike Ingram

County Board District 7

Eric Thorsland

County Board District 8

Stephanie Fortado 

County Board District 9

Pranjal Vachaspati

County Board District 10

Tanisha King-Taylor

County Board District 11

Lorraine Cowart


Sixth Circuit Judge

Chad Beckett
Ramona Sullivan

Kelly Delahanty