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Flyer the Quad

We ordered 5,000 flyers, yes - 5,000. Now we need you to help get them into the hands of students to make sure they know what their voting options are.

It's quick, it's easy, and most importantly - it's effective! We have an info flyer, you hand it to the students, tell them in the Union where to go vote, they vote. Boom - done.

This is an outdoors, on your feet activity on the UIUC Quad, so please plan accordingly.

P.S. We will be working out of the Ebel table. This DOES NOT mean you have to hand out Ebel lit. You don't have to hand out any campaign specific literature. The flyer we made has no candidate names, just voting info. Kyle and the Ebel Campaign are just gracious and allowing us to use their table.

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